Say YES for Environmental Support to Pakistan

Social Infrastructure and Human Resource Development  
To work for development of human resources, poverty alleviation, promotion of social and economic well being of the masses, by imparting Technical/Vocational Education, betterment of health, improvement of social status, social mobilization for prosperous society, reducing the vertical & horizontal gap in the class stratification,   elimination of gender discrimination and pollution free environment particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan.
To establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote, control and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centres, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research, centers of learning, reading rooms, hostels, boarding houses, and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational forums with the permission of competent authority but not to act as a degree awarding institute.
Religious activities
To promote the real values of human ethics as describes by The Only Lord (ALLAH) of The Universe in His Book (under the heading of His liking & disliking) and in view thereof to initiate research, analytical study, seminars, talks and discussions and to promote public awareness, education and understanding of ideology of ALLAH, economic system and philosophy.
Professional  activities
To promote any scheme which may tend to raise the standards of the accountancy education, cost accounting, financial management, secretarial practice and cognate subjects and profession in Pakistan and to promote the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct among the resident members of society.
Arts, Sciences and Literature activities
To promote and foster study in arts, sciences, literature and to give literary, arts and sciences awards, scholarships and prizes for its encouragement.
Special Education activities
To establish, own, maintain, erect, construct, furnish, equip, promote, endow, organize, manage and run institutions for special education and to provide grants and facilities for education and training to the persons who are mute, deaf, dumb or blind, crippled or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped and also to provide proper medical attendance, nursing, food, medicine, drugs and special appliances of educational, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical or other nature.
Charity activities
To establish, maintain, run, manage and administer aid programmes providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute and to grant relief donation for and during calamities undertake such charitable and philanthropic activities which in the opinion of the company would assist and benefit mankind and to work for alleviation of human sufferings from catastrophes.
Sports activities
To promote and organize activities such as bird watching, trekking, mountaineering, hunting, archery, camping, fishing, rock climbing and all other outdoor sports including but not limited to the sports as defined under section 2(i) of the Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962.