Say YES to Education


a. Education is a living system that gets impacted by the environment within which it exists. These environmental factors can be domestic as well as international. Changes in technology, business systems and general global environment, all require the response from change in the education system. The element of continuity and change remains perpetual and it is up to a society to determine its pace and direction to remain in phase with the global environment.

b. The loss of uniformity in our educational system is best evidenced in the lack of beneficial and synergetic linkages between the Technical, Vocational, Professional and scientific education sub sectors. If Pakistan has to become a talent rich country, it needs to integrate and get all the four with the national educational system, which is adversely lacking. Although Govt. endeavored but instead of blending they made four Iceland, which had not only hampered the optimum educational benefits but also slow down the demographic transition.

c. The unity of objectives of our educational efforts - is it in the public or private sector - is spelt through the over-arching principles of access, quality, affordability and relevance. The educational system should have been used as a tool of social progress and of all round development in an increasingly globalized and competitive world.

d. English is an international language, and important for competition in a globalized world order. Urdu is our national language that connects people all across Pakistan and is a symbol of national cohesion and integration. In addition, there are mother tongues / local vernaculars in the country that are markers of ethnic and cultural richness and diversity. The challenge is that a child is able to carry forward the cultural assets and be at the same time able to compete nationally and internationally. Our labour force is constantly becoming victim to European, USA, Canada & UK policies in-spite of shouldering against the War of Terrorism. Demographic transition to these countries is drastically reduced, which will affect economical stability of Pakistan in near future. While considering Globalization and Competitiveness, we do forget Arabic which is a language of Arabian Peninsula where most of the Pakistani labours are employed since last four decades & still it is largest market for us.

e. There are solid reasons for the reaffirmation. New research provides convincing evidence of educationís contribution to both economic and social development, which can be achieved simultaneously because the processes of economic growth and social development are interlinked. There are close links between equity in educational opportunities and equitable income distribution and income growth. If the education system is constructed on a divisive basis the divisions it creates can endanger long run economic growth as well as stability of society. An unjust society creates an unstable society and an unstable society cannot sustain stable long term growth.

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